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SPK - Leichenschrei

Side Effekts Records - SER 02 - 1983

Sozialistisches Patienten Kollektiv, Dark industrial from the early 80's. Recorded in 1981. The Music of SPK moves between a triangle with in the three points: Byzantine music, Dark Industrial and 80's Pop. This one is almost pure Industrial. Along with "Auto da Fe" this is the one I suggest most if interested in SPK. Except if you're into a lighter Pop sound, this one has a rather heavy sound!
This one will for sure put your playback installation on a test. The album is very dynamic, both in frequency range and amplitude. Fat basslines floating in a noisy environment. Sharp industrial drums, subtle voices, rythmic play between all musical elements, metallic sounds, all this make this record a lust for the ear. Pure Rawness combined with musical finesse and a very conscious approach towards the sound timbre.

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